If I Could Draw my Brain

by Chavi

Inspired by the TED Talk 1000 TED Talks, 6 Words.

If I could draw my brain (or yours)…

It would look like the silhouette of a DNA strand. Or a string of balloons piled one atop the other, tie side pointing up. Or anything that would achieve the look of a point that expands and then narrows again until it almost disappears and then expands again, and repeats that again and again. It could also be the graph of the visible width of the moon.

It’s like that because I have an idea so penetrating and fleeting and overwhelmingly true or complete or integral. Like a headline you can’t ignore, or 6 words that explain everything you didn’t know was unexplained. Then you read the article, or stop and stare out the window while your brain unwinds the idea. Or you spend four years, a thesis papers and millions of brain cells scrolling out the idea in 12 point typeface until it covers every wall in your house.

Then the letters peel off the walls one by one and you climb into bed to save yourself from drowning in superlatives. When you come back, the main point or the point is beating somewhere, and you see it in neon colors, flashing off the bare wall, in increasingly insistent intervals, tearing through every layer of sleep. Depending on the idea, sometimes the new headline is more convincing, more immediate, or less so, but never more raw.

Every idea has a core. Some say every idea can be reduced to 6 words. Not reduced so much as encapsulated. If you read the 6 words do you know more before or after you saw everything that led to it?

Really, the DNA would have to be mutant where each new twist gives birth to more ideas and those to more, like a rapidly expanding family tree with only one root, and behind that root another. The branches of this tree are  flexible so you can intertwine them somewhere, twist them at the narrows of their necks where they are most vulnerable and most individual.