Parallel Lines Never Meet

by Chavi

My Twitter feed goes something like this:

Israel is a monster. The anti #bde law is anti democratic. (righteous indignation)
I feel like my mind’s been shattered. 8 Year old #BPboy found dismembered. (raw emotion)
How to add your Facebook friends to Google Plus http://jkl3.jk (immediate, dynamic)
Can’t wait to watch the #worldcup (mundane, human)

And then it keeps going –

Listen to me – We must stop evil!
Listen to me – I’m in so much pain.
Listen to me – You must keep up!
Listen to me – I’m just an ordinary person chatting about stuff.

And then it keeps going –

While I’m here at my desk, with a press release to write, PPC keywords to research and input, emails to follow up on.

And it keeps going.

One after another, snippets of conversations slide onto my screen. So many conversations. So much ego, and investment, and parallel lines, and words that seem to go out into the world, but never get found.